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Dongguan Zhongyao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Zhongyao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of automation equipment. At present, the company's production workshop covers an area of ​​8,000 square meters, with 160 professional R&D/production teams, nearly 60 sets of precision machining equipment, and more than 100 patents and inventions.

Established in September 2009 specializing in connector equipment, service areas: R&D and manufacturing of fully automated production equipment for line-end connectors and board-end connector products in consumer electronics, industry, medical, communications, automotive, aerospace, new energy and other fields. Especially in multi-component assembly, high-speed plug, electrical inspection, visual inspection, automatic packaging and non-standard equipment customization of labor-intensive products, we have rich practical experience and a large number of successful cases.

 In July 2018, the wire harness equipment project department was established. Service areas: mobile phones/computers, household appliances, medical equipment, 5G communications, automotive components, aerospace and other fields , R&D and manufacture of fully automated production equipment for power lines and high-voltage lines. Main equipment: wire braided aluminum foil processing equipment, color-distributed wire arrangement equipment, single/double-sided soldering equipment, single/double-sided glue spraying equipment, iron shell laser welding equipment, automatic forming inner/outer film equipment, HSD wire harness automation equipment, FAKRA wire harness automation equipment, Ethernet wire harness automation equipment, new energy high-voltage line automation equipment, coaxial wire multi-layer stripping equipment, dual-servo terminal crimping equipment, waterproof plug punching terminal equipment and special requirements for wire rod equipment customization.
In February 2021, the soft board standard equipment project department was established, the service field: 3C/new energy and other fields, the main research and development models: loading and unloading manipulator equipment, horizontal line unloading equipment, AOI online unloading equipment, SMT online unloading equipment, etc.; In May of the same year, the parts and sheet metal processing department was established, focusing on the production and processing of automatic equipment spare parts and sheet metal parts. At present, there are 60 staff in the processing department. It has successively introduced nearly 60 sets of domestic and foreign well-known brand production equipment, 22 sets of precision grinders, 12 sets of milling machines, 15 sets of wire cutting machines, 4 sets of Qiaofeng CNC, 1 set of Bystronic Dineng 6000W laser cutting machine, and Liangfaji 100T CNC One folding machine and multiple welding machines.

The company has always adhered to the quality policy of excellence, refusal, pursuit of perfection, and technological leadership; the business philosophy of seeking survival with integrity, seeking development with quality, seeking benefits with brands, and welcoming the future with innovation; helping customers improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. , To maximize benefits, and to promote the common growth of corporate value, employee value, and customer value. We insist on being innovative: providing breakthrough solutions; forging ahead: always looking for newer and better ways. From design and development to manufacturing, we serve customers with professional technology and first-class quality, and establish Zhongyao's brand position in the industry with equipment quality.

  • 2009

    The company was founded in 2009

  • 8000

    The production workshop area reaches 8000㎡

  • 160


    More than 160 R&D, production and after-sales technical teams

  • 60


    Nearly more than 60 sets of precision machining equipment

Development history


In 2010, the company changed to Dongguan Zhongyao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in industrial connector equipment: pin header/female header/WAFER/FPC/D-SUB series;

In 2014, the company expanded its scale and began to make communication connector equipment: SFP single-layer high-speed cam socket, SFP double-layer high-speed lamination assembly, RJ45 round pin/flat pin, single-layer/double-layer series equipment;



In 2016, the company's new R&D team focused on the development of automotive board-end connectors, wire-end connectors, cam single-branch spigots, cam single-branch bending, assembly/testing/packaging and other fully automated production equipment;

It has realized the automatic assembly of D-SUB rear-mounted iron shells, harpoons, rivets, and locking screws, as well as automatic assembly and testing equipment for terminal blocks, square buckles, cover plates, and screws.



In 2018, the company's new project department focused on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial/automotive wire production equipment, and standardized and mass-produced fully automated production equipment for TYPE-C, HDMI, HSD, FAKRA, etc.

In 2021, in order to ensure the quality of the equipment and expand the productivity, the company established the spare parts/sheet metal parts production and processing department, and introduced 60 processing equipment such as grinding machines, milling machines, wire cutting, CNC, laser cutting, folding machines, etc.;



In 2022, the company's new project department will focus on FPC soft board/servo punch, loading and unloading manipulator/horizontal line automatic loading and unloading/AOI line automatic loading and unloading/SMT line automatic loading and unloading equipment research and development and mass production;

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